2008 AL ONLY 5x5 AUCTION VALUES - Printable
$260 Salary Cap, 12 Team, Standard 5x5 scoring catagories - Updated 3/31

 Catchers Team $$ Notes
Victor Martinez CLE 29 Gets his days off at 1b, HUGE drop off after 1st two catchers
Joe Mauer MIN 25 Uber talented , could hit .320 with 15 HR, 90 RBIs and 12 SBs
Jorge Posada NYY 16 Last year will be hard to match, still a nice bat at catcher
Kenji Johjima SEA 15 Underrated talent, just puts up solid numbers and very durable
Ramon Hernandez BAL 12 Reports have him in much better shape, prepping for next contract?
Ivan Rodriguez DET 11 Plays everyday in a monster line up. Only 9 walks in 502 abs last year!
A.J. Pierzynski CWS 10 Disappointed last season, but is a safe way to spend $$
Mike Napoli LAA 9 Mathis figures to steal some PT if he slumps. Will Start opening day.
Jason Varitek BOS 9 Steady if unspectacular production
Gerald Laird TEX 8 Has won starting job in Texas, capable of decent numbers + a few steals
Kurt Suzuki OAK 6 Really played pretty well in his debut last year, should get close to 500 abs
Dioner Navarro TB 5 One of our sleepers last year came on late, could suprise
John Buck KC 4 AWOOGA, AWOOGA - Your batting average is sinking.
Gregg Zaun TOR 4 Barajas gives Jays a viable alternative, 350 at bats seems about right
Jeff Mathis LAA 3 up Goog spring has him in line to steal some playing time from Napoli
Jarrod Saltalamacchia TEX 2 down Like we have been saying, he has been sent to AAA to catch
Miguel Olivo KC 2 His bat is just awful, even at C he will do more harm than good.
Kelly Shoppach CLE 2 Talented back-up could get traded.
Jeff Clement SEA 2 Sent to AAA
Rod Barajas TOR 1 Will start at least 2 games a week, so he has some value.
Mike Redmond MIN 1 If you spend the cash on Mauer, maybe handcuff him
Toby Hall CWS 1 3 RBI's in 116 at bats, I swear I could do that.
Rob Bowen OAK 1 Suppose he will have to play if Suzuki spits the bit.

 First Base TM $$ Notes
Victor Martinez CLE 29 Catcher eligibility makes him top choice here
Justin Morneau MIN 28 Deep first base pool downgrades him a little. Nice power
Carlos Guillen DET 27 Still has SS eligibility so pay for him as your SS.
Carlos Pena TB 24 Hot spring has us thinking he may actually come cheap this year.
Paul Konerko CWS 23 Q. Bad season or player in decline? - A. Both
Nick Swisher CWS 22 Not sure how he will get along with Crazy Ozzie, but should be solid.
Ryan Garko CLE 19 RBI Totals will improve and should continue to progress
Casey Kotchman LAA 17 Sweet swinger has put many issues behine, could make big jump
Alex Gordon KC 15 Dissapointed in debut, should come at a discount, worth the gamble
Kevin Youkilis BOS 14 Good for runs and avg. Continues to fade during second half
Daric Barton* * OAK 13 Love, Love his upside, **may only be DH eligible - 18 games at 1B
Richie Sexson SEA 11 Mariners tried to trade him for a bag of chips but found no takers
Aubrey Huff BAL 10 By the time he starts hitting you will be planning for fantasy football.
Ben Broussard TEX 9 Looks like he will be everyday 1b for Texas, huge upside.
Brad Wilkerson SEA 8 If healthy will play everyday for M's. Will make nice value pick.
Lyle Overbay TOR 7 When healthy he can hit, probably not worth the risk.
Matt Stairs TOR 7 Will start vs. righties, so he could have some value again.
Mike Lamb MIN 6 Should play everday at 3b for Twins, could be a nice value pick at 3b
Kevin Millar BAL 6 up Gets plenty of AB's is going to hit clean up.
Jarrod Saltalamacchia TEX 3 h Has lost starting catcher battle, may be on way to AAA
Ross Gload KC 3 We think he will start at first with Butler going to DH and Shealy to bench
Eric Hinske TB 2 up Blazing Spring possible RF platoon and some 3b, 350+ abs is possible
Ryan Shealy KC 2 Contiues to get better this spring, may force his way into some at bats.
Marcus Thames DET 2 Will platoon with J. Jones in OF and see 200 at bats or so.
Kendry Morales LAA 1 Former prospect getting buried deeper and deeper.
Dan Johnson OAK 1 Barton makes him null and void in Oakland

 Second Base Team $$ Notes
B.J. Upton TB 27 Second base eligibility is huge, primed to be amoung fantasy elite
Ian Kinsler TEX 24 Close to putting it all together, some risks, but lots of upside
Brian Roberts BAL 25 Offers lots of speed and decent all around numbers
Robinson Cano NYY 23 Streaky hitter who offers no speed at a speed position
Howie Kendrick LAA 22 Should bounce back from finger injuries, could top this list in 09
Placido Polanco DET 16 Coming off career year, was only a $7 or $8 player coming into 07
Asdrubal Cabrera CLE 15 Plays with confidence, handled lots of pressure last year.
Dustin Pedroia BOS 14 Nice rookie campaign, may slide back a bit
Aaron Hill TOR 13 Quietly had a real nice season, good value
Mark Ellis OAK 11 Has some power, but the A's are rebuilding.
Jose Lopez SEA 11up Will hit second in the order, where he has had success in the past.
Brendan Harris MIN 8 Has beat out Punto for a starting job. He can hit.
Mark Grudzielanek KC 7 Consistent and productive, makes a great low cost option.
Maicer Izturis LAA 7 up Will battle Erick Aybar for PT - Will start the opener
Alexei Ramirez CWS 6 up Should start in CF on opening day and his stock is rising fast.
Erick Aybar LAA 4 g Defense may have cost him the starting gig.
Esteban German KC 3 Going to find at bats harder to find in 08
Danny Richar CWS 2 g Now out for 2 months, safe to forget about him unitl after break
Jamey Carroll CLE 2 Should be Tribes primary bench player.
Nick Punto MIN 1 Funny watching his little Piranah commercials while he hits .210
Ryan Raburn DET 1 Tigers play their players so he may not see many chances.
Alberto Callaspo KC 1 Should start next year for KC, has a little keeper value
Willie Bloomquist SEA 1 Mike Hargrove's little buddy on his own now.
Alex Cora BOS 1 Has lots a value if you collect awful utility players.
Josh Barfield CLE 1 Sent to AAA
Alexi Casilla MIN 1 Sent to AAA

 Shortstops TM $$ Notes
Derek Jeter NYY 27 Is he on the down side of the mountain? - He is durable at least
Carlos Guillen DET 27 Makes for a great SS, Health is always a concern with him
Michael Young TEX 23 Off year last year maybe a sign of trouble.
Edgar Renteria DET 19 Was a bust in his last stint in the AL, should fare better in Motown.
Jhonny Peralta CLE 18 Really faded last year, a bit to inconsistent to spend big $$ on
Orlando Cabrera CWS 17 Will like playing in Chicago, Nice solid player.
Julio Lugo BOS 14 Needs to do better than last years debacle, he is capable of doing it.
Yuniesky Betancourt SEA 13 Good solid stats on the cheap, should run more this year.
Jason Bartlett TB 9 Twins were happy to get rid of him, not much upside here.
Brendan Harris MIN 8 Has beat out Punto for a starting job. He can hit.
David Eckstein TOR 7 No sure how he will hold up on that Toronto turf
Bobby Crosby OAK 6 Maybe last chance for him, has become a batting average cancer
Juan Uribe CWS 6 Hot spring and poor play by competion has him starting at 2b.
Erick Aybar LAA 4 g Defense may have cost him the starting gig.
Adam Everett MIN 4 Will probably hit around or under .240
Tony Pena Jr. KC 3 Showed some improvement, but does nothing well.
Luis Hernandez BAL 2 Can you believe he may be a starter. Could be worst starter in AL.
Donnie Murphy OAK 2 Backs up Bobby Crosby,  better be ready to play
Nick Punto MIN 1 Piranah!
Brandon Fahey BAL 1 Still has a shot at SS job in Balt. He is a better hitter than Hernandez
John McDonald TOR 1 Mercifully for Jays fans his reign at short is over.
Marco Scutaro TOR 1 Will fill in for Rolen for a while.
Reid Brignac TB 1 Sent to AAA


 Third Base TM $$ Notes
Alex Rodriguez NYY 43 He always delivers the goods, Worth extra $ or two.
Miguel Cabrera DET 36 Brings his big bat to the AL, may struggle with the adjustment early
Chone Figgins LAA 31 Blazing hot down the stretch and may come at a slight discount
Mike Lowell BOS 21 Solid old pro has it back on track.
Adrian Beltre SEA 20 Not one of our favorites, but he does put up respectable numbers
Alex Gordon KC 17 Wil come cheaper than last year, nice play at third base.
Hank Blalock TEX 15 Looks to be back at full strength, faces little competition for PT
Akinori Iwamura TB 14 Expect a much better season this year, nice pick here
Scott Rolen TOR 13 down Has fractured finger and torn off nail, will miss a few weeks.
Casey Blake CLE 13 Quietly puts up decent numbers and is in no danger of losing PT.
Joe Crede CWS 12 He will be starting on opening day. still a decent player
Melvin Mora BAL 10 The Orioles are going to be awful, not a real motivated player
Evan Longoria TB 8 down Has been sent to AAA, strictly for financial reasons, will be up in June
Maicer Izturis LAA 7 up Will battle Erick Aybar for PT - Will start the opener
Mike Lamb MIN 5 May play everyday in inept offense.
Jack Hannahan OAK 5 up Will start at 3b for the foreseeable future, with serviceable stats
Willy Aybar TB 4 up If Longoria is sent down,  will start 3b, no power or speed but hits for avg.
Eric Chavez OAK 4 down Has been shut-down indefinitely, Stay away
Esteban German KC 3 Going to find at bats harder to find in 08
Josh Fields CWS 3 down His ticket to Charlotte has been punched, may be in AAA for a while
Andy Marte CLE 2 Former uber prospect has been bad, looks like he has made theTribe.
Brandon Wood LAA 1 Going to start practicing at short, could be interesting move.
Brandon Inge DET 1 Should start in CF while Granderson is out.
Pablo Ozuna CWS 1 Some value in AL only leagues as a versitale bench player.
Scott Moore BAL 1 In danger of being sent to AAA
Ramon Vazquez TEX 1 Will need a Blalock injury to get a chance
Robb Quinlan LAA 1 At bats will be few and far between.
Wilson Betemit NYY 1 Might be huge if injuries strike the bombers.


 Outfield TM $$ Notes
Carl Crawford TB 38 The guy plays hard, and the Rays will be better, much better.
Ichiro Suzuki SEA 34 He will run much more this year, and provides huge boost to BA
Grady Sizemore CLE 31 He seemed to flatten out last year, never misses a game.
Vladimir Guerrero LAA 30 Battled some injuries last year, and may still have some issues.
Magglio Ordonez DET 28 Not sure I want to spend $30+ on a guy due to get hurt.
B.J. Upton TB 27 Great value with 2nd base eligibility, room to improve.
Manny Ramirez BOS 26 Should rebound from sub-par season,
Nick Markakis BAL 26 Much overlooked player puts up great numbers.
Alex Rios TOR 26 Coming into his own, could play with a little more energy
Torii Hunter LAA 24 Big $$ for Torii, but we think he will enjoy his new environment.
Delmon Young MIN 23 Pure hitter who is only going to get better, much better.
Curtis Granderson DET 23 down Will likely miss first month of season with broken finger
Bobby Abreu NYY 23 Slow start to last year, and is clearly in decline
Nick Swisher CWS 22 Free wheeling ways may not play in ChiTown
Vernon Wells TOR 21 Falling faster than google stock price
Jermaine Dye CWS 21 Needs to get off to good start, can be huge when motivated
Hideki Matsui NYY 21 May still have some lingering injury issues - beware
Jacoby Ellsbury BOS 19 Great keeper, can he do it over a full season?
Carlos Gomez MIN 18 g Has won the starting CF job, could steal 50+ bases - Appears to be fine
Johnny Damon NYY 17 He will still get plenty of AB's with Matsui possibly DH'ing
Josh Hamilton TEX 17 Needs to hit lefties to avoid being platooned - Having great spring.
Adam Jones BAL 14 Golden boy was not that impressive in Seattle
Raul Ibanez SEA 14 Play him and forget him, he just puts up steady numbers
Gary Matthews Jr. LAA 13 Will get plenty of AB's in a potent lineup, a good buy at these levels.
Jose Guillen KC 13 May have 15 games suspension reduced or eliminated
Michael Cuddyer MIN 12 Needs to be better than last year. Not much upside
David DeJesus KC 12 Last year was a step backwards, clearly is not a leadoff hitter.
J.D. Drew BOS 11 That did not go well, can't get much worse, can he?
Melky Cabrera NYY 10 Will play everday in CF for the Potent Yanks, good effort player.
Mark Teahen KC 10 Not much power from a corner outfield position.
Franklin Gutierrez CLE 10 Should put up some nice numbers with everyday gig.
Jack Cust OAK 10 Classic drop-off player, will not come close to last years numbers
Travis Buck OAK 9 Nice talented player, Has a pain threshold of 1
Jerry Owens CWS 9 down Will start the season on DL, gives others a shot to take his job.
Marlon Byrd TEX 9 Rangers still trying to trade him, if not he will play plenty
Jonny Gomes TB 9 With Baldelli out of the picture, his value gets a real nice boost.
Ben Broussard TEX 8 Will play everyday at 1st - Nice sleeper who could be had on the cheap
Brad Wilkerson SEA 8 Sneaky pick who figures to play everday, may kill your BA however.
Jason Kubel MIN 8 Just does not look like a big time player, pass
Matt Stairs TOR 7 Will start vs. righties, so he could have some value again.
Coco Crisp BOS 7 Should be traded by opening day.
Milton Bradley TEX 6 down Emotional and Physical disaster - May start season on DL
David Dellucci CLE 6 Figures to get 400 AB's as part of platoon with Michaels.
Garret Anderson LAA 6 Will see less at bats, thats a good thing for the Halos
Emil Brown OAK 5 May well end up the everyday right fielder for the A's
Cliff Floyd TB 5 Baldelli's situation will increase his playing time
Frank Catalanotto TEX 5 Will see platoon time at DH
Juan Rivera LAA 4 Solid+ player who will be lucky to start 2 games a week.
Carlos Gonzalez OAK 4 Has the most upside of the 3 A's CF prospects.
Jay Payton BAL 4 Will get AB's has uses as your #5 OF
Ryan Sweeny OAK 3 Will get some starts in CF, A's are leaning toward Carlos Gonzalez
Craig Monroe MIN 3 Solid spring has secured his roster spot. Twins will need his bat.
Jason Michaels CLE 3 Will play vs. lefties and get 200 AB's - Pass
Chris Denorfia OAK 3 Could platoon with Ryan Sweeny in CF in crowded OF
Carlos Quentin CWS 3 down Injury to opens helps, but now has to deal with Anderson & Ramirez
Luke Scott BAL 3 May become a regular for horrific ball club.
Reggie Willits LAA 3 All dressed up and no place to play.
Joey Gathright KC 3 Will be valuable filling in for Guillen for 15 games, could earn PT
Josh Fields CWS 3 down His ticket to Charlotte has been punched, may be in AAA for a while
Brain Anderson CWS 2 up Mega Bust from 06 has earned a shot to platoon CF with Owens out
Eric Hinske TB 2 up Blazing Spring possible RF platoon and some 3b, 350+ abs is possible
Shannon Stewart TOR 2 Will platoon with Matt Stairs
Jason Botts TEX 2 Looks like a career AAAA player.
Jacque Jones DET 2 Still cabable of decent stats, will sit vs. lefties.
David Murphy TEX 2 up Hot spring could motivate the Rangers to trade Byrd.
Ben Francisco CLE 1 Looks to odd man out in Cleveland
Kevin Mench TEX 1 Will be shipped to AAA to start season
Jay Gibbons BAL 1 Will serve 15 game suspension then be a reserve.
Denard Span MIN 1 down Despite a good spring was sent to AAA
Tike Redman BAL 1 Best defensive CF the O's have, thats not good.
Shelley Duncan NYY 1 Will not play nearly enough.
Nelson Cruz TEX 1 Are the Rangers becoming a prospect graveyard?
Ryan Raburn DET 1 Offers more offense than most utilitymen.
Wladimir Balentien SEA 1 Sent to AAA
Marcus Thames DET 1 Platoons with J. Jones,
Bobby Kielty BOS 1 He is a Red Sox, still not even worth $1
Reed Johnson TOR 1down Has been released, looking for work
Adam Lind TOR 1 down Sent to AAA
Rocco Baldelli TB 1 Will start season on DL, May miss the season

 DH TM $$ Notes
David Ortiz BOS 35 Big Pappi will be back to his old self agains this year.
Travis Hafner CLE 22 No buying the down year excuse, he looked very vulnerable
Billy Butler KC 19 Dude can rake, should come back with fine season
JIm Thome CWS 18 Can still hit 40 bombs if his back holds up.
Gary Sheffield DET 14 Sheff is 39 years old, Inuries are piling up.
Frank Thomas TOR 11 If he can stay healthy he can put up some great #'s That's a big if.
Jason Giambi NYY 10 up Has played well at first, will get his at bats
Jose Vidro SEA 5 32 extra base hits in 548 at bats is horrific production from a DH
Mike Sweeny OAK 4 Good spring should earn him 200+ at bats


 Starters TM $$ Notes
Josh Beckett BOS 29 Back becoming a concern. May not be ready for opener
C.C. Sabathia CLE 28 Managed to stay injury free last year, can he go 400+ without getting hurt
Justin Verlander DET 26 Figures to take next step, could be great for a long time.
Fausto Carmona CLE 26 up Tremendously underrated, has a devastating sinker, on the improve.
Erik Bedard SEA 25 One of our bust continues to get paddled this spring.
Felix Hernandez SEA 24 Just 21 years old, most guys his age are in AA, Huge upside
Roy Halladay TOR 23 K rates are way down, but he is great for wins and ratios.
Daisuke Matsuzaka BOS 21 Should be better with a year to settle in. Expect lots of K's
Javier Vazquez CWS 20 Up and down seasons, not worth risking big $ on.
Scott Kazmir TB 20 down Has not pitched in a month going to miss several starts
John Lackey LAA 19 Will miss at least six weeks of the season if not more
James Shields TB 18 Not as high on him as others, still a nice if unspectacular arm.
Jered Weaver LAA 18 up Been good in March, has skill set to be low level ace.
Chien-Ming Wang NYY 17 Needs to miss more bats. Sooner or later balls will find holes.
Phil Hughes NYY 17 May be the real ace of the Yankees already.
A.J. Burnett TOR 17 Not exactly what you would call a warrior. Fingernail is causing problems
Francisco Liriano MIN 16 down Will make 2 minor league starts and if all goes well we be called up
Zack Greinke KC 16 Has the physical skills,electric stuff,  huge upside.
Matt Garza TB 16 Once considered an elite prospect, is way undervalued.
Joe Blanton OAK 15 Will not hurt you in any catagories, wins may be hard to come by.
Jeremy Bonderman DET 14 Starting the throw better, but not that confident in a turnaround season.
Dustin McGowan TOR 13 Had a better whip than Roy Halladay last year.
Rich Harden OAK 12 Still worth throwing a few dollars at, clearly not interested in competing
Scott Baker MIN 12 Started to put it together at the end of last year with a 1 hitter.
Gil Meche KC 10 Doubt he can do it two years in a row.
Ian Kennedy NYY 9 up Is going to be a good starter for Yanks.moves up with Joba going to pen
Shaun Marcum TOR 9 No way he does it two years in a row.
Kevin Slowey MIN 9 Fantastic minor league numbers, has some decent upside value
Joba Chamberlain NYY 9 down He is going to the pen and may start later, value take a hit.
Andy Pettitte NYY 8 On the downside for sure, dealing with back issues
Mark Buehrle CWS 8 Becoming an innings eater type pitcher
Jon Garland LAA 8 Solid numbers that should improve in pitchers park.
Dontrelle Willis DET 8 down Has been demoted to #5 and pitching horribly
Curt Schilling BOS 8 Out at least half the season.
Ervin Santana LAA 8 Hard to figure with his stuff, clearly much better than Joe Saunders.
Nate Robertson DET 7 Has had terrible luck the last few years, nice end of draft option.
Jake Westbrook CLE 7 Been lights out this spring with 14 shut-out innings.
Boof Bonser MIN 6 Lost weight this off season and should improve
Mike Mussina NYY 6 Falling apart in a hurry.
Paul Byrd CLE 6 Should pile up wins with the potent Tribe offense backing him up
Jarrod Washburn SEA 5 With a few breaks here and there he could get plenty of wins.
Tim Wakefield BOS 5 Usually gets drafted for $5 and is worth a lot more. His WHIP is decent
Justin Duchscherer OAK 5 Great stuff, will he be able to do it as a starter? We think so.
Clay Buchholz BOS 5 down Reports having him possibly starting in AAA
Cliff Lee CLE 4 Has won #5 spot in rotation.
Brian Bannister KC 4 Nice pick-up for Royals, has some talent and is worthy of roster spot.
Jose Contreras CWS 4 Had some personal issues last year, could bounce back.
Jon Lester BOS 4 Will fill in while Beckett is out, could stick at #5
Jeremy Guthrie BAL 4 Does not have the pedigree to back up last years numbers.
Kenny Rogers DET 4 Can he do it 1 more time, with a year off it is very possible.
Joe Saunders LAA 4 Not a great arm, but injuries have increased his value
Kelvim Escobar LAA 4 down Has suffered another set back, Season/Career may be over.
Andy Sonnanstine TB 3 Good spring has him in line for #4 spot in improved rotation.
Chad Gaudin OAK 3 May miss frist week or two. Should be #4 starter
Carlos Silva SEA 3 His try not to strike anyone out approach may work in Seattle
John Danks CWS 3 A breakout is always possible, not likely.
Kevin Millwood TEX 3 Due to pull on of those seasons out of his $@%*
Daniel Cabrera BAL 4 Like playing with fire, can wow you, can burn you.
Dana Eveland OAK 3 up Word has it, he is in at #5. Former prospect could be a nice sleeper.
Jesse Litsch TOR 3 Janssen's Injury puts him back in rotation, having solid spring.
Nick Blackburn MIN 2 up If Liriano does not start the season, Makes for a decent fill in.
Edwin Jackson TB 2 Been decent in spring, good blow-up in any start.
Adam Loewen BAL 2 I would probably wait a year for him
Jason Jennings TEX 2 Having nice spring but career numbers are terrible.
Miguel Batista SEA 2 Could knock you down 2 spots in ERA on any given start.
Matt Albers BAL 2 Stll slightly ahead in race for #5 spot with Brain Burres
Dustin Moseley ANA 2 Good for a starts in April & May, take him if you have Lackey
Luis Mendoza TEX 1 In line to claim #5 starter job for Texas
Gavin Floyd CWS 1 Former top prospect running out of time. Now a journeyman
Brian Burres BAL 1 In close battle with Matt Albers for last spot in rotation.
Livan Hernandez MIN 1 Awful ratios in NL - What happens in AL?
John Bale KC 1 Could have a little upside as #5 for Royals.
Vicente Padilla TEX 1 Nearing the time to hang it up
Bartolo Colon BOS 1 Maybe called up to be #5, he has been terrible, don't buy the name
Nick Adenhart LAA 1 Trying to steal fill-in job from Mosely. Saunders is the worst of the 3
Jeff Niemann TB 1 Another part of loaded Tampa system
Brandon McCarthy TEX 1 down Injured again, would have made a nice late flyer.
John Patterson TEX 1 Should get the call in May, could be nice waiver wire add.
Brett Tomko KC 1 Upgrade all hitters in AL Central
Jorge De La Rosa KC 1 Faded fast after fast start last year. Not going to make rotation
J.P. Howell TB 1 Don't see the potential, Looks like a punk on the mound.
Kason Gabbard TEX 1 He has some upside. Been awful in March
Luke Hochevar KC 1 Certanly does not look like a #1pick talent Sent to AAA
Dan Meyer OAK 1 Young talent looking to overcome shoulder problems.
Gio Gonzalez OAK 1 Sent ToO AAA good keeper
Kei Igawa NYY 1 Did not work out like the Yankees expected
Aaron Laffey CLE 1 Going to AAA.
Radhames Liz BAL 1 AAA will be back later.
Garrett Olson BAL 1 Big lefty has some potential, but still a ways away.
Jeremy Sowers CLE 1 Last years sleeper is miles from a rotation spot.
Adam Miller CLE 1 down Sent Down to AAA
David Price TB 1 Already Sent Down
Wade Davis TB 1 The Rays are absolutely loaded with young guns
Jacob McGee TB 1 Another Ray with a live arm.
Cha Seung Baek SEA 1 Nowhere near a rotation spot.


 Relievers TM $$ Notes
J.J. Putz SEA 32 Throwing as well as anyone for improving club.
Francisco Rodriguez LAA 30 Lost in arbitration, showing some chinks.
Jonathan Papelbon BOS 29 Sometimes the kid gloves thing gets a little annoying.
Joe Nathan MIN 28 Steady, Twins will not win as many games in brutal division
Mariano Rivera NYY 26 Should get more opps this year, last year was odd.
Bobby Jenks CWS 25 Is now among the elite, still worry about injury with him.
Huston Street OAK 22 Was not pitching that well before getting hurt.
Joakim Soria KC 17 Cool customer on the mound, can really pitch.
Troy Percival TB 13 Adds much needed depth to Tampa pen, can still bring it.
Joe Borowski CLE 13 With all the great arms the Indians have, they use this guy?
George Sherrill BAL 13 up Has been announced as closer. Saves are Saves
C.J. Wilson TEX 13 up Has officially been named the closer, should do ok.
B.J. Ryan TOR 11 down Will start seaon on DL and should miss most of April
Todd Jones DET 10 24+ ERA in spring inspires little confidence. Tigers pen is awful
Joba Chamberlain NYY 8 down Will start season in Pen, value drops
Jeremy Accardo TOR 7 up Will close for at least the month of April possibly longer.
Joaquin Benoit TEX 6 Will probably have to wait behind CJ Wilson
Pat Neshek MIN 6 The Twins may move Nathan at deadline, making him a nice keeper
Hideki Okajima BOS 6 Nice ratios and gets a good amount of innings.
Rafael Betancourt CLE 5 Should be closer for the Indians, will have to wait.
Al Reyes TB 5 Pitched well for most of last season, will get some save opps.
Masahide Kobayashi CLE 4 Possibly could take over closers role if Borowski blows up.
Rafael Perez CLE 4 Had break through year, will get plenty of work.
Scot Shields LAA 4 Workload is cathing up to him, will start season on DL
Scott Linebrink CWS 4 Nice pick-up for ChiSox, backs up Jenks
Fernando Rodney DET 3 down Will not be ready by opening day. Not looking to promising
Joel Zumaya DET 3 Stash him away as a great keeper, will close next year.
Kazuo Fukumori TEX 3 May find himself in the closer mix before long.
Eddie Guardado TEX 2 Wilson's tendinitis may open the door, but having poor camp
Brandon Morrow SEA 2 Heading to Pen with Bedard signing, good keeper
Jamie Walker BAL 2 Out of mix for saves, still good ratios
Octavio Dotel CWS 2 Part of improved Sox pen, #3 in line for saves.
Alan Embree OAK 2 Old timer still pitches well
Denny Bautista DET 2 up Figures to be in line for 8th inning work, right behind Jones
Justin Speier LAA 2 Came back strong last year after missing some time.
Chad Bradford BAL 1 May end up as just another right handed set up man
Matt Guerrier MIN 1 Decent middle innings guy
Kyle Farnsworth NYY 1 Fading K rate a concern.
Dan Wheeler TB 1 Was flat terrible for the Rays last year.
Joel Peralta KC 1 May end up as 8th inning guy for the Royals.
Yasuhiko Yabuta KC 1 Not sure why the Royals make moves like this.
Chris Ray BAL 1 Trying to come back late in season, won't happen
Jim Hoey BAL 1 Has been terrible in the show, still could close.
LaTroy Hawkins NYY 1 Should have stayed in NL
Keith Foulke OAK 1 Trying comeback, his best days are long gone.
Mike MacDougal CWS 1 Love to watch him pitch, you never know what will happen
Edwar Ramirez NYY 1 Nice Yankee flamethrower out of the pen
Casey Janssen TOR 1 Out for Season



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